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Photographer Barnsley

Hello I’m Richard, a photographer currently living in Barnsley. I have always had an interest in photography since art college. But in recent years it has become an increasing passion of mine. I see the photographic image in everything. I am fortunate enough to have had my photography work published online and in print and I’m always willing to collaborate with people on projects if it suits both parties.

My main topics of interest in photography are fine art, portraits, fashion, music, group shoots, events and weddings.

I try to experiment in my photos and aim to capture something a little different. I aim to capture the moment, where the expression is natural and shows emotion…

Through my images I like to tell a story…

I hope this gives you a little insight into who I am. If would you like to discuss a model portfolio, a wedding, family portraits, or photographing an event, you can mail me on with any enquiries.

Thanks for looking!