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About Me

A Barnsley Photographer

Hello I’m Richard…a photographer based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I have always had an interest in photography. I studied photography at art college in the 80s and later in the 90s whilst at university. My main interests in photography are portraits, fashion, group shoots, events and weddings. I have photographed a wide range of people subjects and always ready for a challenge!

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I am fortunate enough to have had my photography work published online and in print.

I try to experiment in my photos and aim to capture something a little different. I aim to capture the moment, where the expression is natural and shows emotion…

Through my wedding photos I like to tell a story…your story!

I hope this gives you a tiny insight into what I’m about. If would you like to discuss a wedding, a family portrait, session or photographing an event, you can email me on with any enquiries.