Candid Wedding Photographer

Hello, I’m Richard a professional candid wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer to capture your wedding day, you’re in the right place!

Weddings are joyous happy occasions and whether you’re planning a huge elaborate wedding pulling out all the stops, or just a small intimate ceremony it deserves to be remembered and hiring a photographer like me is the perfect way to capture an everlasting memory of your magical day.

I can provide you with a visual story capturing an everlasting memory, your own magical love story told through pictures as the day unfolds.

I create images that truly represent your wedding day that are a mix of emotions, romance, and authentic moments.

My Style of Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is natural and unobtrusive.

It captures the ebb and flow of the day without you realising, enabling you to truly enjoy your day, spending precious time with your guests without having to take time out to be posed and placed for photos.

It captures those candid moments that often go unnoticed, the little tear in the eye of a partner or parent, that look of pride on the face of a grandparent or the toddler busting some moves on the dancefloor.

True precious moments that cannot be staged or forced.

Advantages of Choosing a Candid Wedding Photographer

Authentic Emotions Captured


Candid wedding photography excels at preserving genuine emotions. By letting your day unfold naturally, I’m able to capture the unfiltered joy, laughter, and tears that may be missed in posed shots.

Don’t fret, though—I still take posed family photographs, as they often provide another chance to capture those candid “in-between” moments!

Seamless, Stress-Free Experience

With documentary wedding photography, there’s no need to worry about added stress or interruptions.

By blending into the background, I ensure that your day flows smoothly without any disruptions.

This approach allows you and your guests to fully immerse yourselves in the moment, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.